About me

Born and raised in the hill-town of Shimla, I started writing poetry at the age of 10. But much like everyone who grew up through the 90s and wanted a job, I was swept up by India’s tech revolution. Which is euphemism for graduate an engineer, grab a job at an MNC and moonlight as an existential writer (mostly for my own sanity). Bills, after all, had to be paid, dreams nourished and crises navigated. Parting with a well-paying job and a booming industry took some doing, but the world of journalism and creative writing was accommodating enough for the lesser known ‘Sharma ji ka beta’. I’ve never been one for indexing life as some sort of mathematical exercise. It’s not a puzzle box for you to solve, but a whole of which we represent a tiny and restless part. It makes sense then to do a bit of what you wish to than a whole lot of that which you’d rather not. There’s obviously more to this story, ‘masala’* as they say. For the rest maybe get in touch?

You can find me barely posting food pics on @instagram and rarely outraging on @twitter. For everything else there is good old, trustable, email – manik212@gmail.com.

*No I wasn’t inspired by that character in 3 Idiots.